May 13, 2019

AtlSecCon (Atlantic Security Conference) 2019 notes

AtlSecCon is a mid-size conference held annually in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It has the usual security conference assortment of free time activities (a CTF competition, a lockpick lab, an Internet of Things lab, and a very photogenic lab from St John’s Ambulance therapy dogs program.) A five-track talk schedule means there’s something interesting for everybody, and using a proper conference center means the vendor area is not as crowded and hot as that of conferences that run in hotels. ... Read more

March 7, 2018

ShmooCon 2018 conference notes

This was my second ShmooCon. It was just as fun as the first time, and this time I did various other activities (solving a few of Raytheon’s CTFs, practicing lockpicking, looking at all the codes in the conference program) in between interesting talks. For more details about the conference itself, see the last year’s report. ... Read more

February 22, 2017

ShmooCon 2017 report

ShmooCon is a security conference held yearly in Washington, DC. With around 2000 participants, it has an audience large enough to fill 3 tracks and provide a range of extra-curricular activities, yet it is much less crazy than events like DefCon (which is ten times the size). ... Read more

April 11, 2015

iCTF 2014-2015 writeup: temperature

This is a warmup-level challenge written in Python. The service opens a TCP socket on port 56098 and listens for commands to store or read a temperature reading based on time and location. The data is stored into a single flat file. Simply interacting with the service over telnet would not work, as the service only attempts to read once. The protocol is very easy to reconstruct by reading the source, though, and writing a small client to store and load data takes all of two minutes. ... Read more