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Finding interesting events in Boston

This is a short collection of links I used to keep myself entertained while living in Boston. Hopefully they will help you find something interesting to do in your free time there. The order is roughly the frequency I visited those sites to find something good.

  • The Boston Calendar is a good collection. The interesting content (the actual list) takes only about 20% of the page’s width.
  • MeetUp is almost comically bad to use, but this is the tool everyone prefers to organize many tech and interest-specific groups, so one has to bear with it.
  • Events has all the long-running tourist staples.
  • Boston Science and Engineering Lectures is a goldmine if you are actually interested in science or engineering.
  • BostonConcerts and Trill for concert info.
  • Boston Compass for less mainstream events.
  • /r/bostonsocialclub has potential but is a good example of fitting a square peg (an event collection) into a round hole (a relatively inflexible subreddit template).

As an aside, none of the events sites I listed here are even close to great. Even though many of them try, I believe the basic concept of “here’s a list of everything in town” is flawed. People have interests, and sites should know them and account for them when deciding what to show and in which order.