November 11, 2018

SREcon EMEA 2018 conference notes

One of the three SREcons worldwide, this was a long and intense conference with a three-day multitrack format and a correspondingly voluminous collection of notes. The crowd felt different from North American one: a lot more “large company” folks (heavy presence from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others), a lot more smokers than there would be on this side of the pond, and somewhat more conservative technology choices (the last point is similar to what I felt at DevOpsDays TLV last year as well). ... Read more

August 10, 2018

Dash 2018 conference notes

This is the first attempt by DataDog to produce a branded conference, and they did not manage to avoid some of the rough edges that usually accompany first-time events. However, the organizers’ response to various crises was commendable: they scheduled additional workshops when the existing ones proved to be significantly undersized, promised to refund some of the people who could not enter because of overcapacity, took contact information to follow up with some attendees, and in general hustled to recover in an admirable fashion. ... Read more

May 24, 2018

Monitorama 2017 conference report

I wrote this report for internal consumption shortly after the conference. As Monitorama 2018 approaches, I thought these notes could be useful for a wider audience to revisit the common themes and interesting questions from the previous year and to see what has been done to address them. ... Read more

December 6, 2017

DevOps Days Tel-Aviv 2017 conference notes

The Tel-Aviv instance of DevOps Days was interesting to me for two reasons. The first one is there’s a ton of innovation happening in Israel, so there’s a chance of hearing new things; yet Israel is far enough from Silicon Valley that its thinking and opinions are distinct from the San Francisco area monoculture. ... Read more